Online Board Games

  • Monday, Dec 14, 2020

Board games are competing in 2020 with the digital realm, but why not embrace the digital world and have the best of both worlds.

When family and friends are together a board game is the perfect way to have fun and master a board game. But what about the situation the world finds ourselves in now with each country in the world going in to repeat lockdowns and family and friends not physically being able to play their favourite games.

An online version of your game is the next best situation for any board game. Get your closest friends to join you for an online game, add in zoom or google meet and you have the recipe for a great game night.

This is what we did with our Picadice game, as we were developing our board game we were simultaneously designing our online game. Now Picadice players have the option of playing the online game when social distancing is in force and reverting back to the board game when the situation allows.

This allows anyone to enjoy your game whether they are physically close or far away. We feel that this allows as many people as possible to discover your game and to fall in love with board games all over again.

We hope that many board game developers will follow suit and port their board games to an online platform.