Making it happen

  • Monday, Dec 7, 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and we are no different here at the Picadice team HQ.

When we started designing the game in 2019, we had big plans to attend game conferences and get our board game into stores in Ireland and further afield. Fast forward to March 2020 and we found ourselves stuck inside like most of the planet

After acclimating to the new normal of lockdown we tried to take the positives from mixing work and home life. Our team worked hard from March until September 2020 to refine every aspect of the game, simplified the rules and had friends and colleagues test the game and offer feedback.

We also got our online game platform updated and tweaked our net play options, so anyone can invite friends to play online. We now host a regular game night on Twitch where we invite people from all over the world to enjoy a game with us and we are delighted the game has been received so well.

All of these decisions have now led us to the place we are in now which is looking ahead to 2021 with attending gaming conferences, porting our game to Android and IOS and seeing our board games in the hands of people from all over the world.

Roll on 2021