Board Games - Why so popular?

  • Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Families have been playing board games since ancient times, but today with new high-tech entertainment, you would expect the popularity of board games to drop. Yet, it is expected that the board game market will grow faster than the PC gaming market over the next 5 years. In this blog, you will discover how board games have stood the test of time.

One reason board games have not withered away with time is because they can transcend generations. The nostalgia derived from our board gaming memories encourage parents to pass on the competitive fun. Board games create an opportunity for families to interact and play with each other without the limits and perks of age, every player is an equal threat to your victory at the playing table and so you use (perhaps covert) tactics against everyone to make sure you come out on top. The kids are just as involved as the parents, and even grandparents in a game.

Another reason preventing the decline of board games in this modern world is surprisingly, the modern world! You expect social media platforms would lead to the decline of board games, but it can be the opposite. Today, we have access to millions of people and resources at the click of a button. We can join a community with people all across the world who share common passions. This rapid spreading of information has raised popularity within the board game community and helped it emerge as an even more popular than before family past time.

Board games have seen a huge surge in demand in this past year. While keeping safe indoors with only the company of your household, we have found much more spare time on our hands and board gaming seems to be the perfect hobby to pass the time and socialize with your family. Board games allow households to come and have fun together!